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A Brand-New Service for the New Year

All In One Bridal by Katelyn is excited to bring to you a brand-new service to start the new year! Tuxes to You is a service that is easy, convenient, and affordable for YOU. This is an all male run service that provides tuxedo measurements with no hassle. You can get measure from the comfort of your home or office space.

This service is provided to you in just three easy steps. The first step is the measurements. We come to you to measure you and your wedding party in the comfort of your home or office space. This makes it convenient for you. No need to worry about being rushed or uncomfortable in a bridal boutique when you can be in the comfort of your home.

The second step is the drop off. The week of your wedding on Monday or Tuesday we will drop off the tuxedos to you. This gives you time to get your wedding party to try on the tuxes, and contact us if you need a different size or something doesn’t fit quite right.

The final step is to return the tuxedos. There are many options depending on what services we are providing for you on your wedding day. The following Monday after your wedding you can drop off the tuxedos at the store to be returned. In the future we are hoping to provide a drop off box, so you can drop the tuxedos off on anytime that is convenient to you before Tuesday morning after your wedding.

We also have some of the greatest and newest styles of tuxedos. We carry slim fit, ultra slim fit, modern fit and classic fit tuxedos. We also offer a variety of colors, designs, and textures of tuxedo vests. All In One Bridal by Katelyn also carries solid, ombre, and paisley ties that you can pick to match the style of your wedding. Not only do we offer vests and ties, but also shirts and shoes!

We would love to help you find and match the perfect tuxedo for your wedding. We have styles, colors, and textures for everyone. Our new Tuxes to You service starts on January 1st, 2023! We are excited to launch this service that is easy, affordable, and convenient to you.

For more information about our new Tuxes to You service please call 563-580-7706 or email You can also visit our website

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