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Behind the Scenes of All In One Bridal Photography

Here is a little glimpse of going behind the scenes with All In One Bridal and their photography. We do multiple different services for your big day including photography, videography, DJ and also own a bridal store located in Dubuque, Iowa. Each of these services truly have its own undertakings but we really love what we do. Today I want to take you behind the scenes of our photography service. Although this job may seem simple there are a lot of components to making it perfect. After we have signed a bride and she became an All In One Bridal bride, we then go through lots of information with her throughout the months. First thing being scheduling her engagement photography session and helping her choose the best outfits for her and her fiancé. This process is just giving them the knowledge of what looks best through the lens. There are a few secrets as to what looks best when getting your picture taken. One of them is staying away from crazy patterns as much as we love them. We want the focus to be on you and your future husband or wife. After we have settled the outfits, hair, and make up its time to get ready for the engagement photo day. This is a very fun day because we get to know the couple a little bit more and find out what makes them laugh to capture those candid moments.

Our engagement sessions are unlimited time and we let the bride and groom change their outfits as many times as they would like. We love getting a few different looks for you to choose from and locations. You will notice in your photos for when we started through the end that you have become more comfortable in front of the camera. This is the beautiful part of doing an engagement session photography, If you are not used to being in front of a camera. Not to mention you become more comfortable with your photographer. Once the session is done it's time to put in the real work of editing. This process does take some time as we look to get perfection out of our photos. After many hours of editing and processing the photos, it is then time to deliver them. In between all of this we are working with other brides with scheduling, booking, keeping up with our social media, emails and of course bookkeeping.

In between the months of engagement photos and the wedding we work with the bride on her itinerary and family photo list. These are two items we require when doing our photography service, the reason being is that we want to know how the day will go and make sure it goes smooth. The family photo list is a necessity as we don’t know your family so having that as a checklist is always a great way to stay organized. As the big day is approaching, we set up another meeting with the bride making sure that nothing has changed in the schedule this way there are no surprises. The day before the wedding we charge all of our gear so the morning of we are ready to go. Throughout the day it is part of our job to stay on task and on time and still capture everything that we need. After about seven-teen hours of shooting and working with the bride, groom, bridal party and family our day has come to an end. Then the process of editing begins again.

At All In One Bridal we guarantee photos delivered to you within seven days. We take multiple days of editing before we deliver the photos to the bride and groom. After the editing is completed and photos are delivered our job has completed. This is just a sneak peek of being a photographer and it’s important to remember that each bride and at a different process within their bridal journey, so we are always working with multiple brides working on different aspects of the wedding. All In One Bridal loves working with brides and making their dreams a reality when it comes to their wedding day. We are with you every step of the way.

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