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Best/Most Popular Wedding Month

After having many years of experience with being in the wedding industry, I have found that September is one of the best months to get married. With being a photographer there are certain things that we look for, one thing being that we want to have a full bloom look. We want the grass to be green, tree’s to be in full bloom and flowers looking beautiful. This creates a very bright, soft and clean look for your photography and videography. Although when trying to get this look many of us think of June or July, but those months can be extremely hot for photography and videography. In order to achieve this look and not be extremely hot on your wedding day is to have a wedding in September. It is not too hot or cold and the grass, trees and flowers are still in perfect condition. These aspects are super important when it comes to your photography and videography because you want a full looking background especially if you are wanting that summer look. You can have that outdoor ceremony and your guests can really enjoy the weather and your day.

You can wear any style wedding dress you desire whether that be a ballgown, fit and flare, or a very fitted wedding dress and still be very comfortable in what you are wearing. You can even get away with a sleeve wedding dress, if that is the look you are wanting to go with. When it comes to your themed wedding color you could go with those warmer colors or even some bright colors. For the past several years I have seen brides go with those warm fall colors and I have seen those bright colors used in this month. You really can go either way because you are so close to October and you're also close to those summer months such as July and August.

Although September is a great month it does book up the fastest when it comes to the wedding venue, photography, videography and DJ. The month of September and October book right away. With that being said, if you have been thinking of having your wedding in one of these months, book your photographer, videographer, DJ and venue as soon as you can. Those are the four biggest components of your wedding and once you have that lined up the rest will fall into place. One of the biggest reasons why people love All In One Bridal is that you can accomplish three out of the four components including your photography, videography and DJ and we can align those dates for you right away. We provide the highest quality when it comes to our work and service. We want you to have your dream wedding and we are here to make that dream a reality through our different services that we offer at All In One Bridal. I do want to say, there are many other months that are just as beautiful as September however in my personal opinion September is the one to have your wedding.


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