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Holiday Inn Dubuque

We have done many weddings at the Holiday Inn and always have had a great experience working with the staff. This particular venue has multiple types of different sized ballrooms, has a restaurant attached to the venue and has great rooms to stay in.

All In One Bridal has worked in almost all the ballrooms and we love this venue because you can really size your wedding to whatever ballroom you need. This way your wedding doesn’t look like an empty party or so full that you cannot fit one more person in the venue.

We love being the DJ at this venue because we can uplight all the walls in the room the color of your wedding and they have a great stage for where the DJ can be set up.

The venue is in the heart of downtown which gives you plenty of photography and videography opportunities with old historic buildings, painted murals on buildings and the Mississippi river. Overall we love the food, the staff and the atmosphere is very nice. Definitely check out Holiday Inn on Main Street.

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