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How to Create A Wedding Reception Playlist

The Wedding Reception is known to be one of the favorite parts of the wedding day. You want to have a great playlist of music to get your guests up and dancing on the dance floor. Most times your DJ is going to have a standard playlist that they use for weddings, and these have great songs to get your creative juices flowing when thinking about what songs you want to play during your wedding reception. Here are some of our tips and tricks on how to create a wedding reception playlist that will have your guests raving about your music.

Tip #1: Make a playlist with your fiancé!

Create a playlist and share it with your fiancé, so you can both add songs to it anytime inspiration strikes! Listening to the radio, and a song comes up that you want just add it to the playlist. This also allows for you to not have duplicates on your wedding playlist.

Tip #2: Ask for requests!

Who better to ask for music requests than the guests that will be attending your wedding reception? When you send out your save the dates, make sure to add a section that allows people to put in song requests. That way you’ll know they will love the music that you are going to play at your wedding reception.

Tip #3: Include LOTS of music!

There is never too much music that you can have on your wedding reception playlist! You would rather have too much than not enough music. If you do run through your whole wedding playlist don’t sweat it, your DJ will have back up music that will fit right into your reception.

Tip #4: Add a mix of genres!

If you want to reach every crowd, make sure to have a mix of genres on your playlist. This allows people who like different kinds of music to get up on the dance floor multiple times throughout the night! Mixing it up will also allow you to not get tired of one music genre playing the whole night, and it will keep your wedding guests guessing what song is going to come next.

Tip #5: Play music YOU like!

Ultimately, it is your wedding! You should play whatever songs you like, and what will get you excited to be on the dance floor. This is YOUR day, and you should do what makes you happy.

Those are our tips and tricks on how to make your wedding playlist one that will have people talking long after your wedding reception is over. If you don’t want to make a wedding playlist, that’s no big deal! Our wedding DJs have the expertise and experience to provide you with a great wedding playlist for you! Our DJs will listen to what you want and create a playlist that have the best genres, songs, and vibes to get your wedding guests out on the dance floor all night long.

For more information on our DJ services please call 563-580-7706 or email You can also visit our website for more information.

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