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Millwork Ballroom and Event Center

Over the years All In One Bridal has served many weddings at the Millwork Ballroom and Event Center. The venue is in the heart of the downtown district with so many great opportunities for photos.

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Dubuque Millwork

Centrally located in the historic district and close to the river where you can take the most gorgeous photos for your wedding day. What we love most about this venue is the contemporary atmosphere and the open layout of the venue.

The set up at this location is very easy, it has plenty of outlets for the DJ, any up-lighting you may use, and for photo-booth. We have seen this space transform into so many different looks from classic, to contemporary, and also vintage.

Millwork Ballroom Event Center

The space is a beautiful template to make it just the way you want it. Our experience at the Millowork Ballroom and Event Center is always positive. The staff is helpful, the food is excellent and the space is breathtaking. We highly recommend this venue especially if you are wanting more of a unique look. If you get the chance, definitely check out their beautiful venue.

Wedding Venues: All In One Bridal By Katelyn

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