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What to Wear for Summer Engagement Photos

Deciding what to wear for your engagement photos can be a tough task. You have a big wardrobe, but you just can’t narrow those choices down. Summer Engagement photos are very popular for couples. The flowers are in full bloom, and green is popping. It is a gorgeous time for photos to get their engagement photos taken! There are some downfalls of taking photos in the summer here in Iowa. Humidity. You worry that you are going to sweat off your makeup, your hair might be all frizzy, or you’ll sweat through your clothes. Pushing through the heat and humidity can lead to some gorgeous engagement photos! We have tips on what to wear for your summer engagement photos.

Tip #1 Flowy Dresses

Flowy dresses are great for any body type! It also allows the fabric not to stick to you if it is hot and humid outside. Cute summer dresses can add a pop of color into a background that is neutral as well! They can also add an element of movement if the wind is blowing.

Tip #2: Floral Print Dresses

We all love a good floral dress print for summer. It is super cute and simple and adds dimension to your photos. When you add greenery as a backdrop this is a great option to make you and your fiancé pop.

Tip #3 Slacks & Vest

This adds a little more formality to your engagement photos. It can complement the bride well. We encourage our grooms to consider navy or gray.

Tip #4 Think About Your Scenery

When you are picking out your engagement outfits, it is important to think about where you will be taking your photos at. If you are taking photos in a field full of blue flowers, you will want to stay away from the color blue or else you will blend in and get lost in the photo. Make sure you have outfits that allow you to shine against the scenery of your engagement photos.

Tip #5 Find a location that screams summer

If you love summer, then make sure people know it. Find a location in your city that screams summertime! That could be a beach, field of gorgeous flowers, or your favorite summertime spot.

Tip #6 Be Unique!

If you decide to take photos by the water, jump in! This will not only cool you off, but it will also make for some amazing engagement photos. You will also tend to have a lot more fun when you are taking unique photos.

Overall, trust your photographer. They have been taking engagement photos for years and are used to the summer heat and humidity. Your photographer is there to make you guys look your best on camera. They will have great suggestions on how to forget the heat and humidity and just enjoy your day as a couple.

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