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Why You Need Engagement Photos

Some people just don’t like having their picture taken, and we totally get that. Sometimes it feels weird, uncomfortable, and unnecessary to have engagement photos done. We want to tell you why we believe you should have your engagement photos done by a professional photographer.

Getting your engagement photos done before your wedding day allows you a chance to feel relaxed and comfortable in front of a camera.

We totally get it! If you aren’t used to have your photo taken, then sometimes it can be awkward posing for someone you don’t even know. Engagement photos are your chance to get to know your photographer better and relax behind the camera. It also helps relieve stress when you do some research beforehand. Check out Pinterest for some engagement photo poses, ask your friends who have done it, and of course ask your photographer. Set up a meeting with your photographer to go over the locations, clothing and poses you are interested in. Making a plan for your engagement photography session can help alleviate those nerves!

You’ll have professional photos to use before your wedding.

Most of our clients don’t have professional photos taken consistently throughout the years together. An engagement photography session allows you have some amazing photos you can use for different things. You can use them for save the dates and wedding invitations! A new profile picture on your social media or even a post announcing your engagement. You can also print your engagement photos and hang them up in your house! The options are endless on how you can use your engagement photos.

Building a relationship with your photographer!

This is a big reason on why you should get your engagement photos done. During your engagement photography session, you get to know your photographer better. This allows you to feel more comfortable with who you are working with. Your photographer also gets to know you as a couple better. This allows for a more authentic feel to your photos.

You get pictures of you and your significant other in non-wedding clothes.

Some couples only take professional photos on their wedding day. If you get engagement photos done, you can use those for years to come. You both are dressed up, but in clothes you would wear on a date or to a party. These professional photos are great to use for years to come!

These are only few reasons why we think you should get engagement photos done before your wedding! For more information on our engagement photography please call 563-580-7706 or email

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