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10 High Energy Songs for Your Grand Entrance

It’s your wedding day, and you just finished your wedding ceremony you are officially husband and wife. All your guests are sitting in your reception waiting for your entrance, and you want to make a bang as your first time appearing as husband and wife. Our wedding DJ has some high energy song suggestions for you that guarantees your guests applause. You might already have that song picked out, but if you don’t our wedding DJ has your back. Check out some of our favorite high energy grand entrance songs.

#1 I Got A Feeling by Black Eyed Peas

Everyone loves and knows this song! Of course, it is perfect entrance song because your wedding night is going to be a good good night! Our wedding DJ will make sure that the crowd gets out on the dance floor to boogie with you all night long.

#2 Can’t Stop the Feeling by Justin Timberlake

This is a high energy song everyone can appreciate! We have had this song requested many times to our wedding DJ for an entrance into the wedding reception. We are happy to oblige with this one.

#3 Another One Bites The Dust by Queen

Not only is this one high energy, but also will bring some laughs during your wedding reception. People love it when the grand entrances from the bride and groom are funny, and this one is a guaranteed crowd pleaser.

#4 Bring Em Out by T.I.

The name is in the song. Your guests want to see husband and wife enter into the reception happy and in love. Our wedding DJ can’t wait to “bring em out” on your wedding day.

#5 Can’t Hold Us by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis

This one is great if you have a high energy crowd! This song is a staple when you are out on the town and is a great song entrance for a high energy couple. There are a lot of fun moves you can pull with this one.

#6 Congratulations by Post Malone

A song from your guests to you. Congratulations goes around a lot on your wedding day, so how fit is it that it is your wedding reception entrance song. Our wedding DJ would love to say the BIG congratulations from your guests to you with this song.

#7 The Greatest Show by Hugh Jackman, Jeala Settle, Zac Efron, and Zendaya

If you are a musical fan and love the movie The Greatest Showman, this grand entrance song is a MUST! It is a power move and we love it when our couples pick a song they love. This song will have everyone talking about your greatest show.

#8 Forever by Chris Brown

This is a song that will continue to be popular during wedding receptions. It gets everyone swaying and makes for a fun entrance song!

#9 Thunderstruck by AC/DC

If you want a song that has a more rock feel, this is a great option for your wedding reception entrance! We have had a few couples that really wanted that rock feel, and this is our favorite song to recommend.

#10 Marry You by Bruno Mars

This is a cute song that will have everyone smiling for the newlyweds.

These are just some of our wedding DJ recommendations for your grand entrance song! If you want a high energy song, these are some staples that will be perfect for your wedding day.

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