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2023 Mother + Son Dance Song Favorites from our Wedding DJs

The Mother and Son dance is one that will always be a staple during the wedding reception. It is marking the first dance with your mom after your officially married, and ready to start a new journey. It is always a sentimental moment, and the songs pick only enhance that.

Our wedding DJs enjoy getting to see what song you are going to pick as your mother + son dance song! It is always so sentimental to hear what song best describes the relationship between mother and son. Here are some of our favorites so far!

#1 My Wish by Rascal Flatts

This song is one that will always stay timeless. We hear this one played multiple times a year, but it never gets old. It truly speaks to a mom’s wishes for her children as they continue to grow and start a new journey.

#2 My Mother’s Eye by Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons

This one will hit you right in the heart when it is played for this special dance. It talks about growing up and always being able to look to your mom when need it. We love this sentimental song.

#3 Hero by Mariah Carey

We don’t hear this song played enough, but we love the meaning behind they lyrics. It reminds you that anyone can be a hero no matter their background or circumstances.

#4 Landslide by Fleetwood Mac

An oldie but a goodie. We love when couples break out an oldie to be played as their first dance song this one is no different.

#5 Then They Do by Trace Adkins

Another country song to round out our list of favorite mother and son dance songs that we’ve heard this year. This song speaks to how time flies by, and before you know it your kids are growing up and you are missing the younger days. This one always hits home for us, and how fast life flies by.

Those are only just a few of the mother and son dance song favorites that our wedding DJs have played throughout 2023. We can’t wait to see what songs our couples pick out next. Our wedding DJs are also here to help if you need song suggestions for your wedding!

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