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5 Most Common Questions We Get Asked About Engagement Photos

Engagement photos can be stressful for many people, but don’t worry we have the answers you are looking for. Here at All In One Bridal we want to make your wedding planning as easy as possible and that includes your engagement photo session. We have answered the five most common questions we get asked about engagement photography sessions.

1. Why do I need to take engagement photos?

There are many reasons to why you should do an engagement session. For one, you get to know your photographer and learn how to work with him or her. It’s Important to feel comfortable in front of your photographer this way you and your fiancé can really show your true selves and be comfortable on your wedding day. Not to mention it is always nice to have photos of you and your fiancé to just have. Many of our brides and grooms use their engagement photos for save the dates or even a countdown to their wedding on social media. These photos are always nice to have because it marks the moment of your wedding journey.

engagement photography dubuque, iowa

2. How early do I need to schedule my engagement session?

We suggest that you schedule your engagement photos a year in advance this way you can choose what month a day you want. A lot of the times when you schedule late you may have to work with time and months with your photographer because we get booked up very fast. When booking your engagement session early you also have time to think about what you want to wear and even possibly book a hair and makeup appointment.

3. What should I wear to my engagement photography session?

engagement photos dubuque, iowa

First and most importantly make sure that you feel comfortable and love what you are wearing! When feeling good in your outfit it will always show in your photos. Make sure you and your partner’s outfit complement each other. Nothing is worse than outfits that clash in your engagement photos. We will likely have suggestions or guides to help you pick the best outfits for your engagement photography session.

4. Where and when should I take my engagement photos?

When deciding when and where you are wanting your engagement photo session, I would start with what month you want. Deciding what month, you want determines what kind of background you want. Are you looking for a summer vibe or fall vibe? What fits your wedding? This will determine when questions you have in mind. When it comes to places your photographer will take you to multiple locations around the Dubuque area. We have countless locations that are unique and absolutely beautiful.

5. How should we pose?

engagement photography dubuque, iowa

If you are worried about how to pose, don’t worry that is completely normal! Your photographer is there to make you feel comfortable and relaxed during your engagement session. You can also look up some poses you might like on Pinterest or google. If you aren’t sure, your photographer has great ideas for your engagement session.

At All In One Bridal we offer engagement photography sessions. We are here to capture you as a couple and your love story. We can’t wait to photograph you! For more information, please contact us at 563-580-7706 or

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