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All About Our Tuxedos

You have the perfect wedding dress and bridesmaid dresses for your wedding day all you need now is to find the perfect tuxedo for the groom and the groomsmen. All In One Bridal by Katelyn has the highest quality, newest styles, and best colors for your wedding tuxedos. We simply do not settle for less than the best. We also have a great new service to make measuring tuxedos a breeze for your wedding party. So, let’s talk about tuxedos!

#1 The Fit

It is super important to pick the fit of the tuxedo to flatter your wedding party. We offer four different tuxedo fits that you can pick from. These include slim fit, ultra slim fit, modern fit, and classic fit. You might be wondering what the differences are and let me tell you.

Slim Fit: To put it into simple terms, it is tailored using less fabric. This means that your jacket is going to be a closer fit to your body, but it will not restrict your movement.

Ultra Slim Fit: These types of fits are tailored to be an even closer fit to your body. It has a fitted shoulder, slim chest, and sits below the waist.

Modern Fit: This type of suit has high armholes, a fitted chest, and sit low on your waist compared to the standard tuxedo.

Classic Fit: This fit has a liberal cut through the chest and waist giving you enough space to feel comfortable. It is also typically less constrictive than your slim or modern fits.

#2 Vests & Ties

Once you have picked the fit and color of your suit, you need to pick out a vests and ties that coordinate with your suit. We offer tons of vest and tie options that you can pick from! We offer solid, ombre, and paisley ties that will look great on the groom and groomsmen. In regard to the vests, we offer many colors and textures of vests that will fit any type of wedding aesthetic.

# 3 Accessories

The final part of your tuxedo look are the accessories. These include the formal shirts and the shoes you wear. We offer different types of formal shirts that range from fitted, pleated, and classic. There are also different collars you can select from. We also have a few color options that will provide you options to pick from.

The shoes we offer come in all different styles and colors that you can imagine. Some of our shoes are also provided in sizes from men 6 – 20.

Once you have your whole tuxedo assemble picked out you will want to get measurements done for everyone who needs them. We offer a service called Tuxes To You. This is a easy, convenient, and affordable service where we come to you to measure your wedding party for their tuxes. We also offer a free tux for the groom with 6 or more tuxedo rentals!

For more information about our Tuxedos and Tuxes To You service please call 563-580-7706 or email You can also visit our website at

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