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Benefits of Having Unlimited Time with Your Videographer, Photographer, and DJ

You got engaged, now what? There is a lot to do to prepare for your wedding day. Everything from decorations to invite list to hiring a videographer, photographer, and DJ. When making these decisions there are a lot of things to consider especially when it comes to your vendors. Your photographer, videographer, and DJ are some of your most important people at your wedding. They capture the important moments on your wedding day from laughter to dancing to crying to your first kiss. The DJ plays an important part at getting people onto the dance floor and having fun for the rest of the night.

One question you might be asking yourself is how much time I need these vendors for. Is 6 or 8 hours enough for my wedding photographer and videographer to get all the images I want? Is 4 hours long enough for my DJ to play music, and keep the party going until the reception ends? Well, there is one thing that can keep your mind at ease, so you don’t have to worry about answering these questions. Finding a vendor that offers unlimited time with a videographer, photographer, and DJ. There are many benefits to having these particular vendors for an unlimited time on your wedding day.

Benefit #1

Your Videographer and Photographer can capture every important wedding moment! You don’t have to worry about them packing up and leaving when there are so many more picture opportunities that could happen. You also don’t have to worry about missing out on the getting ready moments. These can be some of the specialist photos with your close friends and family on your wedding day. You want your videographer and photographer to capture those moments. This also means you can enjoy your wedding day without fretting about keeping to a certain time frame for photos or videos.

Benefit #2

You don’t have to worry about cutting your wedding reception short. Nothing is worse than having to clear everyone off the dance floor because you didn’t hire your DJ for a long enough time. This keeps the party going for as long as you want. It even allows you to have a final private dance with your new spouse and not worry about running out of time for a special moment.

Benefit #3

You don’t need to stress about timing for you photographer, videographer, or DJ! When you have unlimited time with these vendors you don’t need to be on edge about what time everyone should be getting there or what time they need to leave. You can just relax and enjoy your day.

As you can see there are many benefits to having your DJ, videographer, and photographer for an unlimited time on your wedding day. It takes one less worry off your plate, for a stress free wedding day. At All In One Bridal we provide unlimited time for our videographer, photographer, and DJ on your wedding day.

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