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Best Engagement Photo Spots in Minneapolis, Minnesota

Minneapolis, Minnesota has some beautiful locations to take engagement photos to capture the start of your new journey. We have had the opportunity many times over the years to travel to Minneapolis and take romantic photos for our couples whether it be for an engagement session or for a wedding.


At All In One Bridal we have found some amazing places to take your dream engagement photos at. We always continue to do research and find new hidden gems in the cities we take photos in to make your engagement photos everything you dreamed of and more. 


Here are some of our favorites: 


#1 Minnesota Sculpture Garden 

This is a fan favorite for our Minneapolis, Minnesota couples to take engagement photos at. The sculpture garden is simply breathtaking and will add some amazing looks in your photos. The architecture could not be a prettier backdrop for your engagement photography session. It is an iconic spot in Minneapolis that you just have to snag photos at.


#2 Boom Island Park

This gorgeous park is located near downtown Minneapolis, but still gives the feel of being out of the city. It has luscious grass fields, lots of trees, and a spot where you can access the river. In the park you can also find old train tracks that make for a stunning spot for photos. If you want to feel a little bit more city, there is a location in the park where you can have the Minneapolis skyline in the back of your photos!


#3 Minnehaha Falls 

Minnehaha Falls is a popular spot that our couples love for engagement photos in Minneapolis, Minnesota. There is a gorgeous Pergola Garden, water features, and a park area to capture all of your engagement photos at.


#4 Stone Arch Bridge 

Stone Arch Bridge has beautiful skyline views of Minneapolis. You can capture the stunning views of your favorite city. This is a perfect location for our couples that had their love story start in this gorgeous city. 


#5 Nicollet Island  

Nicollet Island has gorgeous flowers and trees that add a perfect nature vibe to your photos. You can also snag some photos on bridges and with some pretty architecture to give your engagement photos some more dimension.

These are just five of our favorite locations to capture our couples at for their engagement photo sessions in Minneapolis, Minnesota. We love being able to pick out the best backgrounds for your photo session especially ones that are special to you and your love story. 

Minneapolis, Minnesota is one of our favorite locations to shoot engagement photos at, and we cannot wait to continue for years to come. 

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For more information about our engagement photography service, please call 563-580-7706 or email us at You can also visit our website at and click on the photography tab to view our engagement photo portfolio.

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