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Engagement Photo Wardrobe Ideas & Preparing

When it comes to your engagement photos every detail counts just like your wedding day. Wardrobe is key for both the bride and groom when taking engagement photos and there are definitely do’s and don’ts when it comes to what you are going to wear. When we work with our clients, we highly recommend that if the bride is wearing something busy like a floral dress then we like to see the groom in something that is plainer like a plain button up colored shirt. It is definitely a plus when a bride and groom coordinate their clothing for their photography session. For example, if you are wearing a pink floral dress you can put your fiancé in a pink button up. Our favorite look is when the bride wears a white knee length dress, and the groom wears grey dress pants and a black or white shirt as it is a very timeless, clean and sharp look. Many brides think the flashier I look, the better the pictures will turn out. However, it is the exact opposite when wearing flashy clothes with heavy patterns your eye doesn’t know where to land. Do I look at the backdrop or do I look at the clothes? The focus should be on the couple and not on their clothes. The backdrop should complement them.

When picking out your clothing, I always say pick a few different looks for you and your fiancé. Having a more formal look, a casual look and maybe one fun look is a good start. An example of a fun look for your engagement photos could be both of you wearing your favorite sports team. You can get creative and unique when it comes to your looks. Don’t just throw your outfits together, make it fun and put some thought into it because you only get to do engagement photos once. You can never have enough outfits for your engagement shoot especially if you photographer gives you the day to take photos. Here at All In One Bridal we designate a whole day for a couple’s engagement shoot and will take as much time with you as needed. We even go as far as helping choose your outfits or give advice if requested for the engagement photography session. It’s important to look like the couple that you are.

This is a special day and a big milestone in your wedding journey. So, if you want to get your hair and make-up professionally done, we highly recommend it. However, if you don’t want it to be a fancy updo like you might have for your wedding day then give yourself a casual look. On the day of your engagement photos make a checklist of things you might need. For example, good things to bring would be your make-up, hairspray, brush, bobby-pins, hair ties, or maybe hair gel for the groom. Being prepared makes your day less stressful. On the day of your engagement shoot have fun and enjoy celebrating you both as a couple.

As always, All In One Bridal is here to help you with any questions you have regarding our engagement or wedding photography. Please contact us at 563-580-7706 or

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