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Engagement Photos Winter Guide

The winter season is fast approaching which means it is time for some winter engagement photo ideas and what props to use when taking your photos! We love thinking about different poses and props to embrace everything that is winter. There are so many great elements to make your winter engagement photos fun and cute. Here are some of our favorite winter engagement photo poses!

#1 Throwing Snow

Grab handfuls of snow and throw it in the air! This makes for such a cute and fun photo and is a great opportunity to capture genuine laughs and smiles from the couple. It can also turn into a fun snow fight for the couple.

#2 Cozy Blanket

Pick out your coziest, fluffiest, and cutest blanket to wrap up with during your engagement photoshoot. Bonus if you have a warm fireplace to take the picture in front of. We love this cozy and cute look for our couples.

#3 Evergreen Tree

Most of us associate evergreen tress with winter and Christmas time which makes this the perfect prop for your winter engagement photos. Find an evergreen tree and smile for the camera.

#4 Christmas Lights

Christmas lights are a fun addition to your engagement photos. They can be in the background wrapped around a window, light post, or on a house. You could also nicely wrap them around each other for a more intimate photo. The options are endless here!

#5 Mistletoe Kiss

You just have to get a cute kissing photo during your engagement photo session, and what is a cuter photo than a kiss under the mistletoe with your fiancée. If you really want to get crazy, you can dip your partner under the mistletoe. We think this is so adorable and makes for a perfect engagement photo.

#6 Draw a Heart in the Snow

For a cute touch draw a heart in the snow for your engagement photo! You can stand inside the heart or behind the heart when taking this photo. We love the cute sentiment and the use of the snow in this shot.

Those are just some of our favorite poses and props to use during winter engagement photo sessions. We love to suggest and to get ideas from our clients for their engagement photo session! At All In One Bridal we want your relationship and personalities to shine through for your photos. For more information about our photography services please call 563-580-7706 or email You can also visit our website at to check out our portfolio.

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