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Father-Daughter Dance Songs Ideas

The father-daughter dance is one of the most sentimental moments during your wedding reception. Typically, this dance is one of the first few dances of the night. It’s a special moment between a father and his daughter. You will want to pick a song that is special to you and your dad whether it is a song that you both love or a song that has the right emotions for your relationship with each other. There are endless options to find the perfect father-daughter dance song. Our DJs are more than happy to give you a few options or suggestions based on what they have heard during their experience as a wedding DJ. Our DJs are great with the music and can give you fantastic suggestions based on your story and the feel you want to achieve for the father-daughter dance. Here are a few of our favorite father-daughter dance songs we have heard over the years at weddings.

#1 “I Loved Her First” by Heartland

This one is a great choice for a father and daughter who have been close all their lives. It is highly likely it will bring tears to your father’s eyes when he hears this song playing.

#2 “My Little Girl” by Tim McGraw

A beautiful country song that gives off lots of emotions and is bound to bring back many sentimental memories.

#3 “It Won’t Be Like This For Long” by Darius Rucker

If your dad was the one you always ran to when you needed someone most, this is a great pick for you. All of those memories will come rushing back when you here this song.

#4 “One Call Away” by Charlie Puth

This is a fantastic choice if you want a reminder that your dad will always be there for you no matter what. Like the song says he is always one call away.

#5 “Isn’t She Lovely” by Stevie Wonder

This is an adorable song and is a great pick for a father who adores his daughter and believes she can do anything she wants in this world.

#6 “Stealing Cinderella” by Chuck Wicks

A great song to remind the new man in your life that you will always be your dad’s little girl no matter how old she gets.

The list of great father-daughter dance songs could go on and on. These are only a few of our favorites. We have seen laughter, tears, and smiles during this special moment between father and daughter and we wouldn’t have it any other way. Our DJs are the wedding experts and are here to answer and of your questions and give suggestions when needed. We highly encourage you to pick a song that is sentimental to you both for this dance. If you are unsure of where to start, we are here to help!

For more information about our Wedding DJ services please contact us at 563-580-7706 or We would love to answer all your questions about our Wedding DJ services!

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