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Frequent Questions in the Bridal Industry

When should I book my engagement photos?

Engagement Photography

When booking your engagement photography session, you want to make sure to call your photographer at least three to four months in advance to make sure you get the date that you are wanting. Do remember that some months for photographers are extremely busy with doing engagement photos during the week and then weddings on the weekends. So, booking early is definitely not a bad thing. In fact, your photographer will appreciate you booking your session in advance. This also gives you time to put some thought into your outfits.

Do you recommend doing videography?

I have been asked many times if videography is worth the money and the answer is YES! There is nothing better than watching your wedding in motion. Not saying that photography isn’t great because it is but there is nothing like watching your dad giving you away for the first time or your first kiss as a married couple. A picture does show these moments but there is nothing like being able to hear, see and feel your wedding day all over again. Depending on what you purchase from your videographer you can watch a whole recap of your wedding in two minutes, fifteen minutes or even an hour. My personal opinion videography is priceless because you can relive those moments all over again and someday show your children.

As a Bride can I give my DJ a playlist?

I often get asked from Brides if they can provide a playlist of the top twenty or fifty favorite songs of their choice and then if we can download them. Here at All In One Bridal we encourage our Brides to customize their playlist as much they want. In fact, when booking with our company we give you a packet to fill out and in that packet are questions like “What is your first dance song, father-daughter dance, mother-son dance, bouquet toss etc.” But we go one step further and ask you what songs or artists you don’t want heard at your wedding. Do you really dislike a certain artist or song that we should know about because if so we won't play it. At the end of the day, it is your wedding, and you should enjoy the music you're listening to. On the flip side of that we ask you and your fiancé what your favorite songs are, type of music, and favorite artists. These questions let us know who you are as a couple. At All In One Bridal we know how to read the crowd and know what kind of music to play and incorporate your favorite music in as well. It is also important for DJ to take requests that night as well. This way your guests can hear their favorite too.

When should I buy my wedding dress?

Wedding Gown

When getting engaged your first thought most of the time is, I have to get a dress right now. However, this is

something that you should take your time on. New wedding gown styles come out every January and March and that being said sometimes waiting for those new styles is worth it. Waiting till January you will receive more options and you will see the newest wedding dress style for that year and March they also come out with new styles within that year. At All In One Bridal we can get your dress in within four to six months depending on what designer you are choosing. When picking your dress out too early you might have regret that you didn’t wait until new styles came out. Each year in the bridal industry gowns are becoming better and better so it is definitely worth the wait in finding the perfect dress.

Here at All In One Bridal we put our clients first. We will be there to answer all of your videography, photography, wedding gown, bridesmaids’ dresses, tuxedo, and all other questions you may have regarding your big day! You can contact us at 563-580-7706 or

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