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How to add a little 4th of July festivity into your July Wedding

So, you’re having your wedding in July, and want to add some red, white, and blue flare? We are here to help from photography, videography and music ideas! Whether you want a subtle hint at adding in a little 4th of July flavor or a full out theme for the wedding we can help make that happen.

Let’s start with photography ideas! Here at All In One Bridal we love taking unique and fun photos that showcase the bride and groom as a couple. We provide engagement and wedding day photography sessions to capture all of the important moments leading up to and including your wedding! Here are some fun and unique ideas for your engagement and wedding photography session to add a little 4th of July taste!

  1. Everyone knows cold sparks go hand in hand with the 4th of July. This provides a great photography opportunity. You can use them for your bridal party photos and couple photos as well.

  2. Another obvious staple that you always see at the 4th of July is the American Flag, there are many options on how you can incorporate the American flag into your engagement and wedding photos. You can both be holding a mini–American Flag in one hand or wrap the flag around both of you as you walk away from the camera. The options are endless for an adorable and patriotic engagement or wedding photo.

  3. Get your hands on some red, white, and blue confetti! You can both put some in your hands and blow it at the camera or back at each other for a cute and silly photo!

Videography follows close the same ideas as the photography in incorporating festive 4th of July ideas. The best thing about videography is that it is capturing the moment for you to replay for years to come. There is lots of opportunity to capture the sense of 4th of July in your wedding video. Here are some ideas in how to incorporate this into your videography session.

  1. When walking down the aisle with your now wife or husband, your guests could be waving mini-American flags. This would capture your red, white, and blue wedding decorations, and make for a fun way to incorporate your guests into the video.

  2. Red, white, and blue smoke is also a unique and fun way to add in the 4th of July colors into your video! Whether the smoke is behind you, or you are both waving it around it creates a great look for your wedding video.

  3. If you have a go big or go home mindset, there is always adding in fireworks at the end of the night. This creates a perfect video moment for the bride and groom to get a special kiss under the light of the fireworks.

A wedding reception is never complete without some great music to get your guests out on the dance floor. Our DJ works with you to make sure the music you want is being played at your wedding. We also provide music suggestions for your wedding that we know works to get people up and dancing. Here are some fun 4th of July music suggestions!

  1. Party in the U.S.A by Miley Cyrus – Who doesn’t love this song! All your guests will be up and throwing their hands in the air to this song!

  2. American Girl by Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers – This is a classic song that everyone will enjoy jamming to at your wedding.

  3. Surfin’ in the USA by The Beach Boys – This boy band is a crowd favorite. This song provides a great vibe for the guests to enjoy.

We hope all of these ideas helped you figure out some great music, photos, and video ideas for your 4TH of July themed wedding! Here at All In One Bridal we are here to help your vision come to life! We work with the bride and groom in getting the best pictures, videos, and music to accurately portray your wedding.

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