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Must Capture Videography Moments

You hired a videographer for your wedding day, so what’s next. It is a great idea to meet with your videographer and go over a list of the shots you want to have in your final wedding video. This makes sure your wedding videographer and you are both on the same page and have the same expectations for how the day is going to go. This also keeps everyone organized and on task for your big day. Here are some of our MUST CAPTURE moments on your wedding day!

#1 The Walk Down the Aisle

This is a super important one you will want to capture. From the bride’s entrance to the groom’s face as he watches her walk down the aisle is an experience you will want to relive for the rest of your lives. It is also one of the first big parts of your day!

#2 First Dance

The first dance with the bride and groom is a special moment. You are finally married and get to start your life with your new husband/wife. The song you pick for this moment is also very special and typically means a lot to the couple. We love the emotion this moment creates from not only the bride and groom, but also the guests.

#3 Getting Ready Moments

This is where a lot of fun takes place at the beginning of your wedding day! Laughs, smiles, and tears with the girls! Jokes, relaxing, and high fives from the guys. We love capturing the process of getting ready for your big day with the people you hold close to your hearts. It can also be sentimental for when your mom helps you zip up your dress or tie your tie. We love every single moment in this journey!

#4 Wedding Speeches

These range from downright hilarious to tear jerkers, and we aren’t even mad about it! We love the special spin the maid of honor and best man can put on the wedding reception moments. You can see every emotion from the bridal party to guests sitting out in the crowd reacting to those speeches.

#5 Dance Floor Moves

Another must have is getting your guests out on the dance floor busting those moves! Capturing dad doing the macarena or mom hitting the cha cha slide will make memories for a lifetime. We also love the slow dances where people from every age hit the dance floor with their partner.

Those are just a few of our must capture moments for our videographer. Of course, we are here to capture all of your wedding, and put it in an amazing video that will last you a lifetime.

Picking All In One Bridal as your wedding videographer comes with some perks! We are there for you on your wedding for an unlimited amount of time. You get to pick the vibe and length of your wedding video. We also have drone service available at your request!

For more information about our videography services please email or call us at 563-580-7706.

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