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What to Wear for Spring Engagement Photos In Iowa

Updated: Oct 20, 2022

Spring is here in Iowa, and engagement photography sessions are in full swing! Unfortunately, in Iowa the weather can fluctuate from snow to rain to sunshine which makes it hard to plan your outfits for your spring engagement photos. The most important thing to remember is to plan ahead, be flexible, and wear what feels comfortable to you. Here is our spring engagement photo guide for Iowa.

Tip #1 Consider wearing a spring color!

Pastel colors are very common during springtime! The lavender, pale pink, and pastel yellow contrast nicely with an outdoorsy background. Keep in mind when picking the colors, you are going to wear the location you are doing your engagement photos at. If you are having an outdoor session, stay away from green and brown. If you are shooting in an area with lots of bright colors, consider wearing more neutrals. Wear colors that complement the season and you!

Tip #2 For the Girls: Wear a dress or jumpsuits!

If you love wearing dresses or jumpsuits, spring engagement photos are a great pick for you! Wearing a cute dress that is a lighter color and has lace on it would be a perfect option to capture the springtime vibes! Make sure you are comfortable in the dress or jumpsuit because if you feel uncomfortable in your clothing that will show in your pictures. It is important to discuss your outfits with your photographers, so they can get a sense of what you both are wearing and the locations you are shooting at. This can help you both plan what outfits to wear at what location.

Tip #3 Use the blooming flowers!

Flowers are a great prop to use in your engagement photos especially in the spring! Do some research on places in the area that will have beautiful flowers or ask your photographer if they know of some. This is a great way to frame your photos, add props, or add a pop of color into your photos! The Dubuque Botanical Gardens is a great option for a springtime engagement photography session.

Tip #4 Bring a cute umbrella!

It is no secret that it rains and rains during the spring season in Iowa. If you decide to chance the rain or continue with your engagement photography session, make sure to bring a cute umbrella or two! This is a great prop and will make for some cute and unique photos for your engagement session. You can also dance/kiss in the rain if you don’t mind getting a little wet! Just remember to be flexible for your engagement photography session.

Tip #5 Use Those Layers!

In Iowa, it can be 75 degrees one day, and 35 degrees the next day during the spring season. Make sure to layer up during your engagement photography session! Wear a cute jacket with your dress or a long-sleeved jump suit! The options are endless to what you could do.

Overall, just remember to be flexible and prepared. Coordinate with your photographer on the outfits and locations you are thinking about. Spring in Iowa is a fantastic time to get those engagement photos done.

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