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Dubuque's Diamond Jo Casino

Recently, All In One Bridal By Katelyn served a wedding at the Diamond Jo Casino. The All In One Bridal team managed the DJ, photography, videography, and provided the photo-booth.

The Diamond Jo Casino's staff proved to be a capable, dynamic, and energetic team. They continuously went above and beyond our expectations, it was our pleasure to collaborate with them. From the moment we stepped foot into The Diamond Jo, staff members were incredibly accommodating and eager to help. There was plenty of space for the DJ to get the party started, and the dance floor's placement perfectly highlighted the first dance. We found plenty of outlets for both our team's and the guests' needs. The venue had windows surrounding the entire room, which created a lovely open feeling for the reception. Guests had the option to utilize the outdoor deck, which allowed guests to step away for a quiet place or catch a refreshing breeze coming off of the Mississippi without needing to travel through the rest of the casino. The deck area wrapped around the wedding venue with plenty of cozy seating and a spectacular view of Dubuque, Iowa, its bridges, and the gorgeous sunset.

The Diamond Jo Casino is remarkable and unique! We highly recommend this space for a wedding venue or, at the very least, a visit. The staff we worked with were incredible, the space was beautiful, and the food was great!

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