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2023 Bridal Gown Trends

Here are some of the bridal gown trends that we anticipate seeing throughout 2023 year. We are absolutely here for all of these trends! Our bridal boutique is stocked and ready for you to come try on some of our bridal gowns and find your dream wedding dress!

#1 Off the Shoulder

We expect to see a lot more brides picking this style of dress for the upcoming wedding season. At All In One Bridal we carry lots of dresses with this type of style that range from boho vibes to a classic look to elegant.

#2 Ballgowns

Ballgown wedding dresses have also been a classic and beautiful look for the bride on her wedding day! They are coming back in full force this year. These dresses typically are featured with a strapless, but don’t worry we have any options to go with the ballgown vibe at our bridal boutique.

#3 Some Color

A new trend that is becoming increasingly popular is color in your wedding dress. Whether that be the entire wedding dress or just parts of your wedding day ensemble. Designers are now offering more color options than a simple white or ivory look for your wedding day. We love this bold statement and can’t wait to see how it takes off in the years to come.

#4 Let’s Add Some Feathers

Feathers on wedding dresses is something you will see more this year. This option adds some great dimension and texture to your wedding gown. It will also leave your guests speechless at how elegant this addition makes you look.

#5 Shorter Dresses

Typically wedding dresses are known for their length going down all the way to the floor, but this coming year you will see shorter dresses making an appearance. We love the ability that you have to pick your dress hemline that you are comfortable in. This will add a beautiful look to your wedding day.

We are excited to see all of these styles make their way into the 2023 year! They are bold, beautiful, and elegant trends that will make your dream wedding dress come true.

Our bridal boutique is located in Dubuque, IA where we have many different styles for you to try on! We recommend trying a variety of styles, so you know for sure that you are picking the best one for you.

For more information about our bridal boutique and to set an appointment please call 563-580-7706 or email us at You can also visit our website to view some of the wedding dresses we offer at

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