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Cute and Fun Summer Engagement Photo Ideas

Summer is in full swing, and so are engagement photo sessions! We love the opportunity the summer brings us for engagement photos. There are so many different outfits, locations, props, and more to consider for your summer engagement photos! Need some inspiration? We have plenty ideas for you from locations to props to ideal summer engagement outfits!

Photo Idea #1: Water

Now you may be thinking, what do you mean water? Well, there are a lot of routes you can go here! One option is to go full out and jump into the water with your fiancé. This is such a fun picture to take with lots of cute moments during your jump. If you don’t want to get completely drenched another option is to just walk into the water about knees deep and take some fun photos from there! You can spray your fiancé with water, get a great kissing photo in front of a waterfall, or pose cute with the scenery.

Photo Idea #2: Use the Sand!

Take a walk on the beach with the sunset behind you! This creates a sweet moment for you and your fiancé. Find a stick and write your wedding date into the sand and stand or lay down next to it for a cute photo. Grab a beach towel, some sunglasses, and an umbrella for a full summer effect on the beach.

Photo Idea #3: Flowers & Greenery

Use your backgrounds with summer in full swing the grass has never looked greener, and the flowers prettier. Make sure that your clothes don’t blend into the green or floral background, so we don’t lose you in the photo! Have a favorite flower? Try to find a field or area where the flower is popular near you! This brings in a personal aspect to your photos.

Photo Idea #4: Bubbles!

Bubbles scream summer and bring back the kid in you and your fiancé! This particular prop can bring some fun and lots of candid moments! These are some of our favorite photos to shoot where your fiancé and you are just having fun and living in the moment.

Photo Idea #5: Sunglasses and a Cold Beer

What’s more summer than sunglasses and a cold beer? Slide on some shades and grab a cold one for some creative summer engagement photos! Shotgun a beer, race to get the last beer, or do a cheers!

Photo Idea #6: Ice Cream Parlor

Have a favorite ice cream parlor nearby? Use it to your full advantage! There are some cute photo opportunities you can do with ice cream especially if the particular ice cream parlor has a cute inside or outside. Share a cone with your fiancé, put a little bit of ice cream on their nose, sit at some stools at the counter with your ice cream cones, or just laugh and have a good time while your photographer is getting great shots!

These are some great photo options that scream summer for your engagement photos! We would love to give you some more ideas and bring these ones to life. For more information on our photography services please email us at or give us a call at 563-580-7706 to schedule your appointment.

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