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DJ or Band for your Wedding Reception?

Music is an important part of your wedding day. Having bad music during your wedding reception can be a huge damper on your day. You have a couple of choices on the type of music at your wedding. Should you hire a band or a DJ for your wedding reception? There are many different things to consider when making this choice. Both choices have positives and negatives associated with them. Here are some things to consider when trying to decide which one to pick for your wedding day.

The first thing to consider is your budget. Typically, DJ services cost less than hiring a band. Of course, prices vary, but that is the consensus. Bands can vary on prices depending on how many musicians there are, how popular the band is, and what day of the week. High demand DJs can also cost quite a bit depending on the time of year and what day of the week you want.

Another thing to consider is does the band or DJ play a variety of music. If you want to get down to some throwback pop and then slow dance to some country songs, make sure your band or DJ is willing to switch it up. You don’t want to be stuck with the same type of music all night if that’s not the vibe you are going for.

Space is another issue you will want to consider when thinking about hiring a DJ or band. Does your wedding reception have enough space for a 6-person band? There also may be restrictions in place by the venue on noise, equipment, and power supply. These are all things to ask your venue before hiring your DJ or band for the night.

After you have considered all those things, it comes down to the pros and cons of both a DJ and a band.


DJs typically have a great sound for music and know what song to play in the right setting. Need your guests to get out on the dance floor, your DJ has a song for that. Need to bring it back down to a slow dance, your DJ has your back.

Pros: A DJ has thousands of songs at their disposal, if someone requests a song, they can likely find it fast. The songs will be played exactly how everyone knows it. They typically take up less space on the dance floor, and are cheaper for your budget. If you get a DJ that has a great presence, they can create a great vibe for your wedding reception.

Cons: Unfortunately, some DJs can have a bad personality, and that can bring the whole mood down for the night. Having a DJ also allows people to request songs, and sometimes those songs can be a mood killer.


A live wedding band can bring a great vibe to your wedding day. It can get your guests excited to get on the dance floor. If you have a great band, they will be able to pick music that works best for your guests.

Pros: Everyone loves the vibe a live band brings to the table. You get to experience the music firsthand and enjoy the band’s energy. A band that has great energy can really amp up your guests to get on the dance floor.

Cons: Bands are usually more expensive than a DJ. They also take up more space which makes for a smaller dance floor for your guests. Bands usually can’t play as big of a variety of DJs either. They typically are very good at a certain type of music.

There are many considerations for you when you decide on whether to hire a DJ or band for your wedding. Those listed above are only a few things to consider. Here at All In One Bridal we provide DJ services. Our DJs are here to listen to your music needs, and provide an upbeat environment to make your wedding reception great.

For more information on our DJ services call 563-580-7706 or email

DJ or band wedding reception

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