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Picking the Right Wedding Dress For You

Picking the right wedding dress can feel very overwhelming and it can become even confusing sometimes. The first step in picking the right wedding dress is do your research and find what you like on Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook or really any social media platform. Find what you like and what you don’t like about wedding dresses. When doing your research find body styles similar to you and see what that dress may look like on your shape. Another tip is to think back to when you went to prom or homecoming and think about what you liked about those dresses or what you disliked about them. For example, did your strapless dress drive you crazy or did it not bother you? Do some materials bother your skin? Did you like how you like the feel of wearing the ballgown or fitted style? Think about those times and apply that to what you are looking for in your wedding dress. Take your past experiences you had with some dresses and think about the positive and negatives.

After you have plenty of screenshots on your phone of all the dresses you love take those ideas to a bridal store. Show those pictures to your bridal consultant and find either the exact wedding dress or similar style and try them on along with many other styles you may not have chosen. This will give you many options in your dressing room. It is important to know your body shape and know what style gowns look good on that shape. This is something your bridal consultant will help you with once you start the shopping process.

When finding the right wedding dress be sure to bring the right group of people to your appointment.Your group can really influence your decision in finding the right wedding dress for you. Remember that you are the one wearing the wedding dress and it's your wedding day. Wear what you have been dreaming about and don't let others influence you. I find girls time and time again walking away with a wedding dress that their maid of honor loves or mother loves, but it's not the bride's favorite. Bring a group of people who want to support you and the decisions you will make.

Another key element to picking the right wedding dress is don’t fall in love with the first gown you try on although it may be the wedding dress, try on a couple more and make sure it's the wedding dress for you. This is a big moment in your bridal journey but do not overthink it. If you feel confident, beautiful, and you can vision yourself walking down the aisle to marry the love of your life in the wedding dress it is the dress. You do not have to try on two hundred wedding dresses but you do need to at least try on a couple of each style. Don’t over do it otherwise you can confuse yourself. Have fun at your appointment, bring supportive people, try on each style wedding dress and be confident in yourself and you will find the perfect wedding dress for you.

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