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Tips for Making the Group Family Photos Fast and Easy for Everyone

Taking family photos on your wedding day can be a teensy bit stressful when everyone wants to do something different. It can seem like these photos can be taking forever and you are just ready to let loose on the dance floor for your wedding reception. Don’t worry we have expertise in the wedding photography area to make your family photos move smoothly and quickly. Here are some of our tips and tricks for making your group family photos fast and easy for everyone in your wedding party!

Tip #1: Have a list of family photos you want to take and share that with your wedding photographer.

When you are meeting with your wedding photographer, make a list of every group photo you want on your wedding. Having this list on the day of your wedding makes the process go smoother. The wedding photographer can just go down the list and call out the different photos in order making it quick and efficient.

Tip #2: Let your family know exactly what time to be there and where to be.

Whether you decided to take pictures before the wedding or after the ceremony it is important to let everyone know when and where the family photos will be taken. This will allow everyone to be on time and know the exact location for the photos. If you have an aunt or cousin that is always late, maybe tell them 15-20 minutes ahead of the actual time. Keeping on time is very important when it comes to your wedding day.

Tip #3: Designate someone to help your photographer!

It is a great idea to have someone who knows the family well to help your wedding photographer. That person knows the name of everyone and who is who. He/she can get everyone ready for the next photo, so your wedding photographer can focus on the getting the best photos to capture your wedding day.

Tip #4: Let your photographer know what kind of vibe you want.

Sitting down with your wedding photographer during a prep meeting is super important. During this meeting you can discuss what kind of vibe you want for your group photos. Do you want them to be formal/serious, fun/silly, or a mixture of both? It’s always a good idea to let your wedding photographer know your expectations for your wedding photos.

Tip #5: Discuss family dynamics with your photographer.

Family dynamics can be a tough subject to talk about especially with someone who you aren’t super familiar with. It is highly encouraged to discuss this with your wedding photographer, so the photos can go more smoothly. Is there a divorce in the family, sibling feud, or a fight going on? We would love to think that everyone could put their differences aside for your wedding day, but unfortunately sometimes that doesn’t happen. This way your wedding photographer can do their best to position people, so there won’t be any unnecessary drama.

These are only five of our wedding group photo day tips! Every photographer is different, but those are our helpful suggestions to make your wedding day run smoothly and effortlessly. We would love to discuss our wedding photography services with you. For more information contact us at 563-580-7706 or at

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