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Winter Outfits for Your Engagement Photos

Winter is in full swing in Iowa, and we love taking winter engagement photos. There is a certain magical feel that comes with winter engagement photos. We have so many cute outfit suggestions for the newly engaged couple to wear during their engagement photo session. These are just some of our favorites that look great in the winter setting.

#1 Sweaters

Both of you wearing sweaters that match or complement in colors looks great in the winter setting, but also helps you stay warm if you are taking photos outside in the cold and snow! We recommend colors that will stand out against the white background.

#2 Long Sleeved Dress & Button Up Shirt

For a dressier shot we suggest the woman wear a long-sleeved dress, and the man wear a button up shirt with slacks or khakis. This will bring a nice formal look to some of your engagement photos.

#3 Winter Apparel

If you have a nice coat with a cute hat and some gloves, it can bring a great wintery vibe to your engagement photos! These are also great accessories if you decide to throw snow during your engagement photoshoot.

#4 Skirt & Sweater / Flannel & Vest

A great outfit combination for the woman is a skirt with hose and sweater. This is a classic winter engagement outfit look that is stunning in photos. A good outfit for the man to pair with it is a flannel shirt with a vest combination. Of course you complementary colors when pulling this outfit together!

#5 Colors

A few colors that complement the winter season are blue, black, evergreen, and red. These colors look great against the snowy white landscape and will make you and your fiancée pop in the engagement photos!

We love helping to give you our ideas for outfits to wear during your winter engagement photoshoot. Our photographers at All In One Bridal have lots of experience and knowledge to share with you! We also suggest doing some research of your own whether it be on google or through Pinterest for outfit inspiration. The ultimate goal is that you are feeling confident and beautiful in the clothing you are wearing for your wedding engagement photoshoot.

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